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Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Litigation

A Message From: Andrew M. Howard, Founding Member

My career changed with one case. If you read the rest of this Website, you will learn about my scientific and technical background and how I sought a career in which I could utilize my ability to communicate technical ideas to help businesses and inventors in their intellectual property disputes. I later learned a new application for my technical skills.

A family approached the intellectual-property boutique with which I practiced. They explained how their 22-year old son had been killed in a completely avoidable accident. This wasn’t as profitable for the firm as a major patent-infringement enforcement campaign, but an immediate investigation of the drilling site revealed that every safety warning was ignored in favor of 24-hour shifts to advance the corporate bottom line. A family needed help. A corporation and the marketplace needed to know that corporate profits should not come before human life.

I wish I could say I slept well during that litigation. I didn’t. I knew that Kyle’s parents needed me to do something they couldn’t—to present their boy’s life to the Court and to the wrongdoers in a way that obtained the respect that was owed. This wasn’t only about money; this was about the honor owed to a young man taken too early and about preventing similar deaths from occurring again.

Professionally, I learned my technical background was not only an advantage in patent and intellectual property cases. The case settled after a witness testified that workers never used two different drills at the same time because they “couldn’t talk to the bit at the same time.” Because of my technical background, I knew that RF (radio-frequency) interference was the culprit and was able to elicit testimony that destroyed the defense theory. At the end of the day, part of the settlement funded a new sports field in the deceased’s honor so that his memory could live on at the high school where he played.

We have litigated multiple personal injury and wrongful death cases since then and found that a technical background gives me an advantage few in this discipline have. For better or for worse, every accident involves physics and bio-mechanics. We know the science and how to make it relatable to jurors.

In every dispute, business or personal, people are the driving factors. One of our promises to you is that we will never forget, or neglect, the people who make this profession necessary.