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Patience is a virtue, even with imminent harm.

Courts are adapting to the “new normal,” just like the rest of us. But realtors, having not received a hearing by teleconference or videoconference on their request for temporary injunction, moved for a writ of mandamus.

In response, the trial court gave “assurances that it is working toward acquiring the technological capability to conduct an evidentiary hearing remotely, while adequately ensuring the parties’ rights to a hearing that complies with the court’s rules.”

The Court recognized “that these are unprecedented circumstances and that the trial court may need additional time to put an appropriate system in place to successfully hold a remote evidentiary hearing involving multiple law firms and attorneys, numerous litigants, and the submission of evidence.” As a result, no abuse of discretion.

In re Permian Highway Pipelines LLC, No. 03-20-00214-CV, 2020 WL 1670744 (Tex. App.—Austin April 3, 2020).